Помогите найти все to be ALEC PETERS IS INVESTIGATING As smart as …? It looks like an alien, can copy other animals, and can change color, shape, and size in a second. Alec Peters explores a mysterious creature that may be too smart for people to understand. Ask a biologist what are the smartest creatures on Earth, and they’ll probably come up with a pretty similar list: large mammals like horses, dogs, dolphins, pigs, great apes, and some birds like crows and crows. But now some scientists believe that one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth is actually an octopus — which does not belong to any of these groups. Every schoolboy knows that octopuses have eight legs and can shoot ink when trying to escape from enemies. But there are many other unusual things about octopuses. For example, the legs of some octopuses can grow to more than nine meters in length and be very strong. If an octopus loses a leg, it can grow a new one. It also has three hearts and complex eyes that seem to belong to a mammal rather than a sea creature. Octopuses also seem to be experts at escaping — they have very soft, flexible bodies and can exit through holes not much larger than their eyes. Many biologists have stories of how they entered the lab after lunch and found that octopuses had escaped from their aquarium and were now hiding in a teapot or climbing on a bookshelf! However, even until recently, little was known about the octopus’s intelligence. There are several reasons for this. First, octopuses usually live at the bottom of estuaries and seas – in areas that are not attractive to researchers. Second, they are not social animals, so it can be difficult to study their interaction with others. Perhaps most importantly, the intelligence of octopuses is not easy for people to understand. When we observe mammals such as rats or dogs, we can instinctively understand their behavior. Octopuses, however, may seem like aliens. Scientists must have a lot of imagination to be able to understand what the octopus is thinking! In 1950, the US air force sponsored scientists to study how octopuses use their brains. They hoped that they could use this knowledge to help them build better computers. However, their brains were so complex that scientists quickly abandoned them. And even today, the octopus brain is a mystery. Octopuses have a very complex nervous system and recent research shows that they have little intelligence inside each hand, which means that each hand can » think” for itself. In addition, it seems that they have good memories, perhaps similar to those of a cat. Some octopuses in laboratories seem to play with objects as if they were toys — a sure sign of intelligence. Others may have acquired complex skills, such as opening a Bank. Perhaps the most striking thing about octopuses is their ability to change their color and body pattern. They do this to disguise themselves as well as communicate with others. They can completely change their appearance in less than a second — a striped octopus can suddenly become spotted. It can change its skin to look like rocks, sand, or plankton. A scientist once noticed an octopus that changed its appearance almost 1000 times during seven hours of feeding! It can change its appearance to look like a dangerous predator — and can even copy its swimming style. Some scientists have even suggested that these different patterns and colors are actually a very complex language — and that each design is a verb, adjective, or noun. But no one was able to determine what they might say. It seems that this problem is not a restriction for animals … but a restriction for people!

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